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CARY J. TUTELMAN, PhD, is a family business consultant and owner of CJT Company. Cary helps privately held and family businesses grow and move through the complicated web of ownership, management, board, and family issues that transition brings. Cary specializes in designing, integrating and implementing ownership and management plans. He has been actively helping family businesses since 1981.

As a family business consultant, Cary is experienced in managing complex, company-wide and multi-generational projects and is proven in his ability to produce results.

In his consulting, Cary emphasizes both the development and implementation of an overall plan. A careful, hands on approach to problem solving along with being mindful of the consequences of his actions are critical to his consulting effort. Cary works with owners, family members and employees to help ensure that all changes become part of the day-to-day operations and culture of the company and are consistent with the owners’ vision.