About the Book

Balancing is the role of a board of directors, but boards and governance are usually foreign concepts to owners of family businesses. Cary Tutelman and Larry Hause offer an owner-friendly, practical guide on how to use boards to serve as the balance point to more effectively run, grow, and transition privately held and family businesses.

Written to help you

THE BALANCE POINT uses clear language to help you understand complex issues. Chapter 1 gives you an overview of the entire book. Throughout the book, we provide stories and examples based on composites of our personal experience working with privately owned and family businesses for more than 20 years and from events that others have shared with us. Additionally, we provide a glossary, several helpful appendixes and worksheets, and a detailed index. Click on our Sample Pages to preview some pages of the book.

Author Bios



Larry D. Hause, J.D., is founder and principal of Hause Family Business Transitions, LP and Senior of Counsel with the leading firm of Fredrikson & Byron. He grew up in a family business, and as an attorney and consultant, he has worked with privately held and family businesses since 1984. He guides entrepreneurs and other owners, as well as directors and managers, through the myriad challenges they face when their businesses are in transition.


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Cary J. Tutelman, Ph.D., (11/11/51-4/8/22) was a family business consultant and owner of CJT Company. Cary helped privately held and family businesses grow and move through the complicated web of ownership, management, board, and family issues that transition brings. Cary specialized in designing, integrating and implementing ownership and management plans. He had been actively helping family businesses since 1981.