Michelle Iverson, President

Reading Larry’s book, The Balance Point, gave me a fresh perspective (new insight) on how my business could be run. I truly believe in baby steps, and because of his book and the insights, it made me realize that I couldn’t run the business forever with the passion that I am running it today. (Puts too much pressure on myself, not healthy long-term, nor is it sustainable for another 20 years). With this new way of thinking, I realized that I first needed to put together an advisory board. I hired a CEO coach, a consultant as a fractional director of Marketing and another consultant as a fractional director of sales. All of these things were needed to put Chrom Tech on a growth trajectory, (where my leadership team consists of NON-owners). As a second-generation owner, reading Larry’s book gave me permission to think differently (break away from parent’s philosophy as you do it all yourself). This was an important step in my professional growth and ability to scale my company.